Hard Activities


As darkness falls over Evergreen House and Khao Sok National Park, the forest comes alive.

An immense sound fills the air – the cicadas and huge grasshoppers start their nightly concert. Bats swish through the sky full of stars. The night life of the jungle calls, cackles, and rustles – everywhere!

It is time for a Night Safari! Take a flashlight and look out for the world’s smallest deer, a slow loris, amazing insects, and maybe even a leopard cat.

For two hours, let our guides take you into the rainforest to see that the jungle is certainly not asleep at night.

To bring: sturdy shoes, flashlight.

Included:  drinking water.

Price  : 600  Baht per person ( 2 person min. )

           :Single Person add 500 Baht

Please note : that The entrance Fee for The national  park is not included in the Price