Soft Activities


Spend some time with gentle giants. A chance to care for elephants and see them at their most playful – watch out for splashing!

You’ll meet your Mahout, who cares for the elephant. Learn what’s required to take care of these massive animals.

Take a walk with your elephant and his mahout through the forest and farmland. And learn about the elephant culture of Thailand, and special language used by mahouts to communicate.

Arriving at the river, experience the delights of washing an elephant – splash around and wash it down. This will be a muddy good time!

Walk back to the camp and thank you elephant with a snack with fresh fruits or sugar cane. Say goodbye with a last photo and then head back to the resort.

Duration : 1.5 hours (1 hour with elephant)

Price  : 600  Baht  for children under 10 years old
          : 1,200 Baht for adults/children over 10 years old