Hard Activities


There are many hikes to choose from at Khao Sok Park. We recommend a nice hike to a wide swimming hole, the trail is easy, and monkeys are commonly seen in the trees above.

Often, visitors ask about the value of a guide for a short hike, and the answer is – it’s worth it!

Why? Because our guides are able to show you hidden details of the jungle you might never see on your own – an amazing bird’s nest, a giant stick insect, the delicate bloom of a wild orchid.

For the more adventurous, you can explore the Wing Hin loop, trail but be ready for leeches.

Duration: Approx. 3 hours

Includes: Drinking water, Local Guide

Price  : 600  Baht  per person ( 2 person min. )

           :Single Person add 600 Baht

Pleas note : that the entrance  fee for the  National Park is not included in the price.